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luding out

i was young, and still young, foolishness is very familiar to me.

"let me live in the world where art is reachable in my hands."


i avoid to look and peek. this time, let’s be fair. i’ll stop and see.

fact of words.

sometimes when you’re truly in love, its hard to see the bad side, you became blind, the fact that you don’t really care about the awareness, you don’t give a damn about what they are, their flaws and even their past, because what matters you now is him or her.

something in your words hurts me, when i tried to look at the other side of the mirror, it seems like i can’t see myself in your future. but in my side, you’re always there.

this is just so round up, going circles. no ending, no rest. just tired.

from before.

i remember the day, when i saw you, fell for you. the sweetness over flows us, but what’s this? the gap and the pressure, its killing us, slowly. its covers the smiles. 

i’m not sad, i’m just disappointed.

say what?

i miss the fact that i’m going home from school so tired and still have more works to do. i don’t know why, but i’m craving for it now, maybe its because i’m all over the place in my house, lol. 

gusto ko lang, mapagod, maging busy, masyado na kasi akong couch potato. XD i love the fact na i’m getting all tired, complaining that i need some breaks, and the fact i’m learning more about my course, its cool at the same time annoying. lol, this is why i’m so pumped up for my first day of second sem. haha, i wish i can make the most of it, unlike what i did last sem.