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luding out
it seems to me that i cannot trust anyone in this place anymore even blood likes.

i just wished i have never trusted anyone in this place from the very start. God, i only trust in you, alone.

they’re building it up, making a tower of full eyes, judgement and cruelty. i wanna break it. i need to destroy it. so help me God.

  • don’t care about others
  • forget the past keep moving
  • experience failures
  • grow up if needed go change.
  • try not to throw up
  • give love and be hurt
  • stop looking back and looking forward
  • appreciate what you have and what you are.

appreciate and experience life. keep smiling.


ayaw ko sa mga taong walang utang na loob, mapride and makapal ang mukha. seriously, hindi ko ineexpect na gaganituhin ako ng mga tao dito, mabait naman ako sa kanila, and in fact i treat them like my siblings, it saddens me that all of the things i did and gave them, eto ang makukuha ko. i don’t expect for you to return what i have given you, i just want some respect and good relationship with you. pero ang kapal lang ng mukha mo, and i have to rights to be annoyed or be mad at you, because i didn’t do anything wrong to you. and so i don’t care if you’ll be pissed, its your fault anyway. 

i can be a bitch, and you know what horrible things i can do to get some revenge. but i won’t cause i won’t go down to your level. God will just do it for me. ;)

something in your words hurts me, when i tried to look at the other side of the mirror, it seems like i can’t see myself in your future. but in my side, you’re always there.